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Spiritualism and Quantum Physics
The modern Spiritualist movement was established around the middle of the eighteen fifties in North America but communication between the two worlds goes back to ancient times from consulting the oracle to the modern private reading…communication has always been with us.  In fact there is evidence that during the first three hundred years of the Christian church those who  practiced their gifts and abilities were not unlike our demonstrating mediums today. In Corinthians St Paul would have been proud of them as he goes on to promote and eulogise the gifts of the spirit…all that changed when in came the dogmatists and pushed out those souls together with their spiritual gifts , so instead of a flowing brook of communication and revelation they replaced it with a stagnant pool which has come down to us via the Christian church to this very day …thank goodness   for the Spiritualist Movement.    
S o what has science being doing ?...Well in the nineteen eighties here in the United Kingdom survivalist Scientists ,for want of a better description, made the break through via Quantum phyisics…in other words, when the brain dies at physical death the mind survives metaphysically…this confirms what our good mediums have always demonstrated. However mainstream science here in the United Kingdom will not touch it because they still believe that when the brain dies so does the mind, big mistake, this is what I call `Erronous academia`. Steven Hawking believes, `when your dead, your dead`…well he will be in for one big surprise when he crosse`s over.
The real Giants of the world of Science are the physicists such as sir Oliver Lodge, sir William Crooks, and sir William Barrett, these men worked with some of the finest mediums of their day and although they were on the right track they lacked the mathematics in their research…as I have just mentioned that breakthrough was made here in the UK, back in the nineteen eighties. The Russian Academy of Science have changed their textbooks, they now have this scientific evidence thanks to British survivalist scientists…also The Continuing Life research Organisation, USA, have also embraced these scientific facts. But to return to Lodge…he and his wife experienced the heart braking loss of their son at such a young age, this is outlined in the excellent Spiritualist classic `Raymond`…Lodge, Crookes, & Barrett were very much ahead of their time and although they were scientists they were also spiritualists at heart. Lodge and his colleagues understood, regarding research into life after death, the only way forward was Science (today via quantum phyisics) and spiritualism i.e. a true materialization medium, one cannot go forward without the other, the two are more than compatible. We Spiritualists are on the same side dealing with the most profound question known to Human kind, `Do we survive physical death ?` Goodness knows there is enough opposition without adding to it. The religionists are still actively opposed to Spiritualism…main stream Science UK is opposed to both survivalist Science and Spiritualism and finally the psychologist – magician fraternity (i.e. Dr Richard Wiseman was once a magician who turned psychologist) who believe they can duplicate everything spiritualist`s do…unfortunately these bright sparks succeed in throwing the baby out with the bath water.      
A few years ago my late partner in spirit Liliane (Mitchell Starr ) gave a trance address at a symposium in the north of England, her guide Silver Cloud stated that in the future there will be colleges and Universities teaching all of the gifts of the spirit, Science will be a part of this and Spiritualism as ever has a huge part to play, also remember that those scientists, Religionists, Magicians etc who would try to impede man`s progress on earth (however well intentioned )…when they cross over they will have to face the consequences of their actions and unlearn all their negative teaching and then when they are ready …to relearn the way of spirit. 
In closing this article I should like to bring to the attention of `Psychic world reader`s, the reason why survivalist Scientists are not allowed to present their evidence on British television is because they are banned from doing so. The Campaign for philosophical Freedom based in Bristol threatened to take the British Radio Authority to the European court of Human Rights, the authority backed down and so survivalist science can be broadcast on British radio. However the campaign to remove this injustice from British television continues.  

Incidentally those psychologists in this country who call themselves, Parapsychologists have hijacked the word `Para`…which means beyond according to them there is no beyond. In the U.S.A. there are Parapsychologists who have evidence of life after death in that sense they are true parapsychologists.   So to bring this subject into focus those in the United Kingdom   who believe `When you’re dead, your dead`…they are just simply psychologists

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