Liliane Mitchell-Starr
A tribute to one of the finest mediums, lecturers and Spiritual philosphers of our time
A Tribute To Liliane Mitchell Starr
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A Tribute To Liliane Mitchell Starr

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Platform medium of thirty years. Passed to the higher life on 8th January 2011  

Liliane really was an outstanding medium during those three decades we were together. People actually flew in from Canada and Switzerland indeed all points of the compass.  One day I was looking out of the window and lo and behold there was a chauffeur opening the door of a limousine and out stepped an Ambassador of an African country they had driven up to Liverpool from London. On other occasions, groups of Africans and Chinese would book private sittings …it was like the United Nations.  

Liliane had worked abroad but she travelled all over the UK as well, serving the S.A.G.B. in London, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, etc. Liliane was one of the few Mediums to serve the Spiritualist church in Belfast at the height of the Bombing campaigns back in the seventies. `When will it all cease? Was the question frequently asked?
I felt quite privileged taking Liliane to her services, demonstrations and seminars up and down the country. I really enjoyed every minute of it. So working as an administrator, I had to work my leave around her sojourns. She was always booked up when she wasn`t travelling. Regarding private sittings, I had to use a two year forward planner. What a time it was! But alas all things must pass and she retired in 2OO3 on health grounds. However, I knew when we met all those years ago at Aigburth church, an eternal bond was forged between us and I also know for sure that when we meet again in the` higher life` as we all will, what a wonderful reunion that will be.
     Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers …John  O79I4732O57.                      

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