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Interview of John Feury
 John being interviewed
 by FRANK MATTHEWS (Psychic Researcher)
Q.           John what evidence is there for life after death?
A.      1. Quantum Physics …science file of evidence.
2. near death experience (N.D.E.) Medical research file   of evidence.
3. Positive side of Spiritualism…Psychic file of evidence.
Q.           What do mean by the positive side of Spiritualism?
A.            Genuine gifts and abilities that function beyond the five senses.
Q.           Where does religion fit into all of this?
A.            It does not fit in anywhere. Religion is a belief system; you believe it or you don’t.
Q.           But is not Spiritualism a Religion?
A.            In one respect it is a legally recognised religion…because it has to be organised. There are those who would (and have) introduced statues and other low level trappings of orthodox religion. Some even call themselves Rev or have obscure letters after their name, this is all unnecessary, to much of this will just drag the movement backwards…transition to the higher life is a natural process, with or without labels, the vast majority of mediums do not need to come down to this level. Many call it (Spiritualism) a movement, which is what I prefer, others a way a life, it has more than one definition. It is also unique because of its link of communication with the higher life… more           spirituality and less religion is the way forward. 
Q.          When did you and Liliane begin to have experiences beyond the five senses?
A.            Liliane once said when she would go into a shop in Weybridge with her mother she knew all about the woman behind the counter… if she was sad or happy … I would know all about her, even at that young age. I on the other hand did not perceive anything until I was in my teens ,on this occasion I was up in my bed room doing course work… my mother, father and brother had gone out… soon after I heard a loud bang on the bedroom door, I jumped up and flung it open… I was blinded, temporarily by an incredible light, from then on I slowly began to see things of a spiritual nature, later the spiritual apprentiship, as I call it, brought it to the surface.
Q.          Some mediums seem to come across with trite messages?
A.            Let me give you an example, Dave crosses over to the higher life and at a later date he comes through via a sitting, Dave is still the same Dave when he was in the body…he liked football ,a pint and he was a bit of a lad, he is not going to come back as a winged messenger or a wise philosopher, with all the wisdom of the spiritual universe, he was never interested in these things,      what is more he is not ready for this higher knowledge… if messeges are trite it is because his life was trite…it is reflected… what do you expect ?
 Q.          Should Mediums be paid a fee?
 A.           Of course they should, they too have to pay their overheads. As long as it is in within reason… a labourer is worthy of his hire, this is biblical.
Q.           But are they not spiritual gifts?
A.            All gifts emanate from the same source…a songwriter, an artist, an novelist and so on, they are all gifts and these souls can make a great deal of money. Why separate mediumship, assuming he or she is genuine…even a vicar is paid a stipend (salary) for his spiritual work.
Q.           You have written an article on Native American guides…how is it the Christian church knows nothing about the subject?
A.            The Christian is church is a crystallised dogma; it has been for centuries…it knows nothing about the real spiritual world.
Q.           Going by some of your articles you do not seem to have a high regard for Christianity?
A.            There is a little truth in that…But I think that Christ was a magnificent soul, highly evolved and a master…`Great things I do great things shall ye do also`. He was identifying with the people; he was the master and we the chelas. My truck is with those who claim to represent him; they have blown him all out of proportion. For example, some claim that in the next life, we will be walking around with crowns on our heads…how absurd. Another one, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam; there is no end to this silly nonsense. Someone on T.V. went on about how God had plans for her, they go on in this selfish way, meanwhile on the other side of the world thousands of people are washed away in a tsunami or are victims of an earthquake…Did God not have plans for these people ? People like the above Christian woman really get on my nerves, they obviously have no idea about why we are here otherwise they would not come out with such drivel.
Q.           What of Christ the saviour?
A.            Researchers have come up with no less than thirty saviour gods… Bell of Babylon, Mithra, Kriishna, Osirus of Egypt the list goes on, all supposedly born of a virgin and all supposedly died for our sins… all of this was wrapped around Christ he was the latest.
Q.           So I take it you don’t believe in sins and saviours?
A.            No I don’t, the whole concept is low level and really quite barbaric, we are all individually responsible no one can die for your sins.
Q.           Then what about the resurrection?
A.            This was the Etheric body of Christ that appreared to various witness`s, not the physical crucified corpse, so in actual fact it was a spiritual materialization and not physical resurrection. In the early days of the Christian church many were divided as to whether it was his Spiritual (Etheric body) or his physical body which reappeared.
Q.           On your website you have quoted St Paul, Corinthians.... You say that the Spiritualist church is the only church practising these gifts, Is that right?
A.            Yes it is... there is evidence during the first three hundred years of the Christian church these spiritual gifts were practised, then along came the dogmatist and out went the gifts of the spirit, the Vatican hierarchy then proceeded to denigrate anyone practising these gifts (so they would not approve of St Paul then?) even to the point of anathema (a curse) This, of course is absolute rubbish… if St Paul returned today he would be shocked at what the Christian church has done. This denigration of the gifts later spread across other branches of Christianity. The irony of all this retarded teaching is that the Christian church is attacking the very thing it should be promoting… how ignorant is that?
Q.           One final question before we move over to science…The Reincarnation debate… one life or many lives?
A.            From trance communication, the Guides have stated that there are souls who come to the earth only once, they then choose to evolve in spirit…there are others who come back many times, both are a fact.
Q.           Now regarding science, many scientists believe there is life in other parts of the Universe?
A.            Yes, These beings are actually inter dimensional rather than inter planetary (that is not to say there is not life on other planets) from the information that I have these beings can and do enter the Etheric world (of Spirit) Also the American Gov`t knows far more than it makes out, their critics are right. According to the Guides, on planet Earth long before man began his present evolvement, there lived a race of beings that were only three feet in height. (For a description of these beings see my book `The Liliane Tapes- Answers for the Aquarian Age)
Q.           You have said that you support the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom?
A.            Yes, Physicists and others in the U.K. should be allowed to present their scientific evidence of survival on British television (see article Spiritualism & Quantum Physics) and without strings.
Q.           Do you think therefore Proffessor Steven Hawking has got it wrong? He believes that when you are dead your dead.
A.            I`m afraid he has got it all wrong. It is rather sad to see a once great mind such as his evolving into a dinosaur, but he refuses to peer into Galileo’s telescope and examine the scientific   evidence for survival. When his time comes he will not sink into the blackness of oblivion, as he expects to, but will instead enter another dimension of existence.
Q.           Steven Hawking has sold a phenomenal number of books?
A.            Yes that’s true … it`s what we call erroneous academia.
Q.           There is a book by Richard Wiseman…`Why we see what isn’t there`…Have you read it?
A.            No I have not…other than a brief synopsis, but I know were Wiseman is coming from, he will not see anything beyond the five senses because he has never served his spiritual apprentiship in order to bring these abilities to the surface of the mind, if he does see anything it will be hallucinations which is drug induced and therefore is not genuine psychic perception, he spends a great deal of time trying to explain everything out of existence.
 Q.          Dr Susan Blackmore…I understand no longer researches the paranormal?
A.            Thank goodness for that, she once described herself as a Buddhist, I was talking to some real Buddhists who believe in the continuation of the soul after death…they think that she does not understand the real teachings of the Buddha. She has also described herself as a parapsychologist,
`Para` means beyond according to Blackmore there is no beyond. She hijacks all the labels, which goes to show just how confused she is, in reality she is an atheistic psychologist of the `When you’re dead your dead brigade`
Q.           The Organisation CSI (Committee for sceptical enquiry) formally known CSICOP (Committee for the scientific claims of the paranormal) would you like to comment?
A.            This is a group of some scientists, magicians psychologists etc who are quite hostile to the paranormal (incidentally survivalist scientists prefer to use sub atomic rather than para normal). It is almost impossible to provide factual evidence to these closed minded zealots, when they keep changing the goal posts. Critics say of this organisation, there work smacks of a witch hunt, indeed a writer with the `Sunday Times`, says that CSI is due for a scientific investigation into claims into this bizarre committee, my colleagues and I tend to agree with him.
Q.           The CSI frequently targets Spiritualists?
A.            They do, they rarely seem to target Neuro psychiatrists who also have evidence of survival, and what about survivalist scientists? Spiritualists tend to be an easy target. The CSI should back off with their witch hunt…the road they travel is one of intolerance.
Incidentally, I should like to make a point regarding clairvoyant demonstrations featured on British Television, at the commencement of such a demonstration, it states on the screen,`For entertainment purposes only` …or words to that affect, I find this absolutely dreadful. A medium who is dealing with the most profound question known to humankind (Do we survive physical death ?) and up on the screen appears this unnecessary ,`For entertainment purposes only`’, I understand OFCOM is responsible for this, if that is so they need to remove this offensive introduction and move into the 2Ist century.
Q.          So you are convinced that we survive physical death?
A.            Yes, very much so, death is a transition to a finer vibration of life, the evidence is now overwhelming, in fact it’s becoming embarrassing to say, `When your dead your dead` As I mentioned earlier we now have scientific, Medical and Psychic evidence…what more do you need ?
Q.           So perhaps I will see you on the other side?
A.            Indeed you will.
Q.           John, Thank you for talking to us. (Frank Matthews)

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