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Re: Liliane Mitchell –Starr
In recent times I have received a lot of messages, some in the form of questions so if I may I shall attempt here to answer them.
Q.           Since Liliane`s passing have you received any communication from her?
A.            Yes, She has appeared to me a number of times at home in both the living room and also in the bedroom. She has also been in my dreams. Whilst I do see spirit, I am not clairaudient, so I interpret the dreams symbolically that way I receive the message from Liliane. She mostly appears when I am in the hypnogogic state that is either just waking up or just beginning to get sleepy, this is a very relaxed state to be in and is an excellent time to perceive spirit.
Q.           You mentioned in your tribute to Liliane someone came from Switzerland for a sitting, did that actually happen?
A.            Yes, A woman called Blanch Gaynor who was of German – Swiss descent had sittings with Liliane when she served the SAGB in London…she studied Radionics and Radiestesia. When Liliane reorganised her schedule Blanch wrote to us for a sitting. She flew from Switzerland to London, then switched to a domestic flight to Liverpool (sorry John Lennon airport) then took a taxi to our home address. I spoke to her after the sitting and asked her where she was staying for the night? It turned out she was staying in one of three hotels situated round the corner from us on the edge of a large park. The next morning after breakfast a taxi to the airport then a flight back to London followed by a return flight to Switzerland…I remarked to Liliane regarding travel expenses, that has to be the most expensive sitting ever, perhaps she should be in the Guiness book of Records ?
Q.           Have you ever had an `Out of the body experience`?
A.            Yes, The first time was in the Greek Islands…I was sitting in the lotus position on a semi deserted beach and I just floated out several feet above my physical body ,it has happened on three further occasions back here in the U.K.
Q.           As you are from Liverpool did you ever meet the Beatles?
A.            Yes, But only George Harrison, his Father Harry worked with my Father…my Dad had a shed in the back garden and it was rigged up with lights and a heater, he was always doing woodwork and Harry used to bring materials round. On one occasion he said to my Dad, `I’ve bought George a guitar and its become the bane of my life`. Little did he know then what George was destined for. On this particular evening I was standing on the front step showing a friend my stamp albums, Harry came through about to make his way home…he called out across the road, George ,were going home for tea`. Nearby lived the Swan sisters, two very attractive girls who all the boy`s fancied including George…minutes later he opened the gate and came up the path to join his Dad, it was then he asked to see the albums before leaving for home. When the Beatles split up George released his mystical side…albums such as, `All things must pass` and `Dark Horse`. George believed in Reincarnation and Ringo followed him with the same beliefs. George Harrison was Liliane`s favourite Beatle.
Q.           Any celebrities among the clientele? A. One of the Vernon Girls used to come for sittings on a regular basis and from time to time she would turn up when Liliane was taking services, also a female M.P. who as I write is presently sitting in Parliament also came on a regular basis. Incidentally, Steve McQueen (who never came for a sitting) had a passion for speed which, as I understand it, was why his first wife divorced him. He did all his own stunts in Bullet and The Great Escape…he is now part of a team in spirit world who help those who are involved in car crashes and are literally catapulted into the next life with little or no knowledge of the higher life. Spiritual occupations are obviously so different from those in the material world.
Q.           Did you or Liliane ever work with the police?
A.            I never did even though my brother Paul is a police officer. But Liliane worked a number of times with two detectives from the Merseyside police. I arrived home on one occasion just as they were leaving, I of course new who they were, and said, ‘what have you been up to now Liliane? ` They seemed very appreciative of receiving help, albeit from an unorthodox source.
Q.           Have you ever seen a naked spirit?
A.            No, they are always spiritually clothed, never `skyclad`
Q.           What do you deem to be the most special perceived experience with spirit?
A.           That’s a difficult one. But I would have to say when Caroline, my maternal Grandmother passed to spirit …during the early hours of the following morning I awoke bolt upright knowing something was about to happen, the room was in darkness..I looked at the luminous face of the clock it was five past four. In the corner of the room I saw a golden light, very small at first and throbbing like a heartbeat, the light grew larger and larger until it was about five to five and half feet in height, it was a beautiful golden colour…and their within the aura of light was Caroline smiling. I mentally acknowledged her then the light began to fade and the corner of the room returned to darkness. Some weeks later during a sitting a Guide informed me that she   had appeared to her family and relatives the night she passed but through all the tears and sadness no could see her, I was the only one. As a child when my mum was in hospital Caroline looked after me, she became `My mum`...we had a special bond between us, I can`t wait to see her again.
Q.           Did you or Liliane ever do transfiguration work?
A.            No, but I have to tell you I mentioned this in conversation some time back with Candy Taylor, the editor of `Psychic World`. During the early hours of one morning Liliane got up she thought a window was unlocked, when she returned she sat on the side of the bed sipping a glass of water within seconds I was staring at a solid figure of a Maori woman. Liliane had blond hair and fair skin, but this woman was of a dark olive complexion with shoulder length dark hair complete with a head band and also I noticed a number of tattoo`s…she had completely transfigured from head to toe, it was as if a total stranger was sitting on the edge of the bed. Usually only the face is transfigured that is those I have seen at transfiguration services. Some friends, the reincarnationists, believe it was to do with a previous life, on the other hand those who do not except reincarnation believe it was the overshadowing of a Guide, you my friend will have to decide.
Q.           I attended a seminar and had a good sitting with Liliane of which I still have on tape, but I would have liked more time to talk to her…What did she do in her free time?
A.            During most of the seminars we had to work on a strict thirty minute time scale because so many wanted sittings. The accompanying photo shows Liliane during a break in the college library, this was in Chapletown north of Sheffield. The sitter is a Dutchman (see gallery)…almost all of them from Holland booked a sitting with her…many of them later found their way to our home address. Liliane loved to watch Rising Damp via a DVD set, together with her favourite tipple `Ruby wine`…no matter how many times she watched it she would sit there roaring with laughter. She thought Leonard Rossiter who played the miserly landlord Rigsby was brilliant. She was also very fond of classical music.
I think that’s all the questions…if I have missed out any I do apologise, please get in touch again and I`ll endeavour to respond.
A Earthbound Entity
A chap called Tom Mcavoy came to my office and tapped on the door; I looked up from my paperwork...`Are you Mr Feury? ` Yes I replied. He continued, ` I understand you’re into Ghosts; Spooks and things? Well you could say that, I`m actually a member of the Spiritualist Movement, please come in and sit down. Tom was a plumber by trade...he went on to explain that he had been working on his own one afternoon in a house that was being converted to a council administration block…he was on the middle floor at the time when his bag of tools appeared to rise up six feet into the air and all its contents scattered in a wide arc around the room. I`ve never moved so fast, said Tom ,down the stairs and out through the front door, I was actually trembling when I ran next door to the sports centre, to speak to the manager, I refused to go back unless somebody came with me. So the manager and another member of staff returned with Tom, on this occasion nothing happened, the manager returned to the sports centre while the other member of staff remained with Tom until he had completed his work.
It was approximately two months since Toms encounter, in the meantime staff and equipment had been installed, so it was all up and running. I decided as senior `Admin officer` to obtain the keys when the staff had left for home and take a look. `Would you like to come with me? I asked Tom. `No way`, came the reply…`I`ve finished the job, I`m not going back there for anything. The evening was the best opportunity when all the staff had vacated the premises. I closed the front door and went up the stairs to the middle floor were Tom had his experience. Office girls had reported an uneasy feeling as if they were being watched and things would mysteriously disappear and then turn up in another part of the office. I sat on a chair a couple of feet from the photo copier and waited to see what if anything would happen, five minutes passed...nothing…ten minutes passed…nothing…fifteen minutes still nothing, I thought it`s been a long day I`m tired I think I will lock up…at that very moment the back of the chair was seized quite violently almost throwing me to the floor. OK, I shouted, `that’s ’enough`...`what else can you do? ` The photo copier suddenly came to life, I sprang up and switched it off before it rattled off a ream of A4. Clairvoyantly I still could not perceive anyone or anything. So I thought the only method of communication was to knock
Once for yes and two for no. After explaining this simple method out loud, I shouted, ‘Are you male`? There was a pause then one loud rap...then I called out, `Did you work here`? A pause then two raps...I continued, `did you live here? A pause followed by one rap. I carried on asking questions but the raps had ceased. So the spirit was male and had lived here. By now I was getting hungry as well as tired so I decided to call it a day, I switched on the alarm, locked up and went home. The next morning I rang a colleague who worked in the city centre who knew the history of the house before its conversion to an `admin block’. Just before lunch the following day he rang back with the following information. The house was originally lived in by the Superintendant, his wife and son, under what was the old city corporation. The son was deemed to be what we would today define as educationally subnormal and died as a young man in one of the bedroom`s on the middle floor. `Well Peter`, I said, ` I do believe he is still with us…I`ve had a close encounter myself with that particular entity (my colleague Peter also knew that I was a Spiritualist) `Do you think this is the cause of all the fuss on the middle floor`? He asked. `Yes, I’m convinced of it `, I replied. The only answer is a trance rescue and I at the time was not prepared to take this on I wasn`t ready at that stage of my trance development. The only experienced trance medium that I knew who could do this was Liliane Mitchell –Starr who at that moment was in Scotland serving a Spiritualist church in Glasgow followed by a booking at the Edinburgh college of ParaPsychology..So it would be some time before she returned home. The reason why I wasn`t with her was because we (in the office) were short staffed. Genuine trance mediums are few and far between and those who are prepared to do this difficult work are even fewer. I feel intuitively that the entity of that young man is still in that converted `Admin` house to this very day.
Spiritualists Help Spiritualists
When Liliane and I escaped from time to time from our busy time table, a weekend break in Weybridge Surrey was one of our delights, she grew up there and I always get a good `vibe` with that particular county.Weybridge Surrey We decided one evening to attend the nearest Spiritualist church, as it would make a nice change for Liliane to be in the congregation instead of on the platform and maybe receive a message. However before we left the hotel, Liliane said, `The Guide has just informed me, don’t go out in your shorts, wear something a little more modest. We later arrived at the church, Walton on Thames which is the nearest church to Weybridge that I knew of, we managed to find a couple of vacant seats near the back…as it was packed, I thought this could be a good medium..Perhaps we`ll be in for a treat? A few minutes later it was announced from the platform that the medium was in dispose. Liliane and I looked at each other, now we knew why the Guide had said don’t go out in your shorts. We introduced ourselves and minutes later Liliane took charge of the service, after some excellent philosophy, she got around as many of the congregation as possible with clairvoyant messages, even without taking a sip of water. Later after the service, a number of the congregation were from Weybridge, she was surrounded by people talking about Weybridge village, as I understand it was when she grew up their…others were thanking her for the messages. We later found the house she had lived in with her parents, which had now been converted to an Italian restaurant. But no one was more appreciative than the President when she said, ‘You have saved the day, Spiritualist`s help fellow Spiritualists`. Still in Weybridge we also stayed at the Hand and Spear a few times. Liliane`s father was a engineer who worked on wellington bombers in Woking..In those days it was Vickers, today I believe it is British Aerospace, he would drop in for a pint on his way home. One evening Liliane and I arrived back at the Hand and Spear, it had been a hot day and we were exhausted so we had food and drink sent up to the room. As we lay on the bed facing the window…the window frame took on the image of a cinema screen…a city appeared within with minarets ,it was not a modern city, it was of many centuries ago obviously no cars but camels and horses…it could have been the near east ? We both watched this unfold (this is interesting because Liliane would often see spirit when I did not even though I am clairvoyant) The next morning at breakfast I mentioned this to the proprietor, she told us that the room we were staying in was once occupied by none other than Robert L Stevenson, he worked there on various manuscripts before fleeing to Samoa in the Pacific ocean for health reasons. Had we tuned into one of his blueprints?
One of the churches’ we helped to pioneer was Holywell in North Wales. We were on our way to the Granada Studios situated at that time in the Albert dock...just as we were leaving the postman arrived with a batch of letters, many requesting postal readings etc but one in particular Liliane remarked upon was from Ernie, the president of a Spiritualist group in Holywell, they were trying to raise funds to establish a Spiritualist church in their region…by the time we arrived at the studios we had decided we would help. Granada had invited Liliane to present her work via mediumship and spiritualism, this was of course a good promotional slot for the subject…instead of a boring fat bald vicar droning on with the same old drivel here was something different an articulate and attractive woman promoting the movement and a bone fide medium at that. As a result of this broadcast even more offers of engagements came in, not to mention people from Granada studios requesting sittings…this must have been a first for that channel. We arrived in Holywell on the arranged evening, it was to be `an evening of clairvoyance`. As we pulled into the car park, I said `It seems we have religious protestors`. There appeared to be no more than half a dozen, each with placards...three or four on the outer gate of the car park giving out leaflets…there was also a couple more on the actual entrance of the community hall. As we got out of the car Ernie and his wife cam   e over to greet us, ‘I’m sorry about the protestors` he said. `It`s fine..They have a right to protest` I replied. `All the same I`m going to speak to the Bobbies...I do feel their intimidating the people coming in`. Standing by the outer wall were two members of the North Wales constabulary…the President returned with the two officers, just as the two protestors were about to be escorted away from the entrance, one of them turned to Liliane and said, `Do you know about spirit` ? which Liliane replied, `Yes indeed I actually teach spirit`. The religionist did not know what to say, he seemed at a loss for words, they were then marched off to join the rest of them on the outer gate. I don’t know where Ernie advertised but coach`s came into the park, the place was packed, so much so that we arranged to return to do another `Demo` which we did and helped to raise even more funding for their first Spiritualist church. What comes to mind here from the time when I was a schoolboy, a biblical quotation (upon this rock I shall build my church etc) well we can say together with our Welsh friends,` Upon this foundation we shall build our church and the religionists shall not prevail against it` . I am being a little facetious as I write here, however the church is up and running and thriving despite the protestors.
John feury

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