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On a visit to my parents house back in the I97O`s I experienced my first `close encounter` with what we used to call a red Indian… so what on earth was an American Indian doing in a house in the suburbs of a U.K. city ? Well this visitor was not of our material world… I was sitting on a sofa drinking tea and talking to my Mother…we were waiting for my Father to return, he had just popped up the road to deliver something to a neighbour. The rear of my Mothers armchair backed almost to the door that led to the hall, the door was made mostly of glass and I could almost see through it…. I looked up and there in the doorway stood an American Indian, he was wearing a feathered headdress and his top or jacket appeared to be similar to chamois leather it also appeared to have patterned design of some kind. My mother who was sitting side on to me looked around at me and said, `John, you look as if you have just seen a Ghost`. To which I replied, `You are not going to believe this but there is an American Indian standing in the doorway, as soon as she turned around to look…the figure in the doorway did not dissolve, but he appeared to move to one side and then he was gone. My Mother said, ` There is nobody there`…. Have you been drinking? `Definitely not `. Says I, you know I don’t drink and drive. Spiritualists are only too familiar with native American Guides, but for those readers who are not familiar…all mediums have a Guide in spirit, many have   a Native American. I have a Guide called Tar-Haka and this is a psychic portrait of him. My soul mate Liliane (Mitchell-Starr) had Silver Cloud, who was a Cherokee chief when he lived on earth and another Guide called White Feather. In their heyday they were masters of spiritual law…they understood how these laws operated …it has been said that these laws are supernormal rather than supernatural and so many of them (American Indians) become teachers or speakers of platform mediums. White Feather, Liliane’s other Guide had a great empathy of the problems of those in the body and use to inspire Liliane with a great knowledge of philosophical and related subjects when on the platform before a congregation or audience. In the county of Cheshire there are two forests, Delamere and Macclesfield…One afternoon Liliane and I were hiking through one of these forests when she abruptly stopped and said ,`We are being followed`…she went on to give a very good description of an American Indian who turned out to be our old friend White Feather.            Timeline: In I863 …Sand Creek Colorado. Black Kettle and his Cheyennes were massacred under Colonel John Chivington who was also a devout Christian and a Methodist preacher... women and children were also butchered under this man…what ever happened to the commandment,` Thou shalt not kill` ? We ask. Major Silas Soule and two fellow officers refused to attack and held their troops back. A quote here from the Christian colonel Chivington…`Damn any man who sympathizes with Indians. I have come to kill Indians and believe it right and honourable to use any means under Gods heaven to kill Indians. On the other hand a humanitarian officer, Major Edward Wynkoop said that his conversation with the Cheyennes on the march caused him to change his opinion of Indians. ` I felt myself in the presence of superior beings, and these were the representatives of a race that I heretofore looked upon without exception as being cruel treacherous and blood thirsty without feeling or affection for friend or kindred.` Wynkoop became a trusted friend of the Indian as did Soule. On the other side of the line we have a good catholic originally from Ireland (although he claimed to born in the United States) General Phillip Sheridan…he is quoted as saying, `The only good Indian I ever saw was dead`. This eventually came down to,` The only good Indian is a dead Indian` In I866 Dec 6th, a year after the American civil war, shamans ,medicine men had prophesized a victory for the Indians… this turned out to the Fetterman battle. Captain Fetterman   and 8O troopers all died in the battle…an alliance of Sioux, Cheyennes and Arapahos. Another prophecy came to pass, In I876 soldiers falling from the sky, this was the 25 June…the battle of the little big horn, a combined force of Sioux and Cheyennes under sitting bull and crazy horse wiped out a 264 strong 7th cavalry force under General George a Custer, but these victories were few and far between for the native Americans. This brings us to I89O and the massacre at Wounded Knee creek, Dakota… this tragic event is reckoned to be were Native American resistance ended. The chief, who was seriously ill and I2O warriors and 23O women and children…almost all perished, the few survivors were taken into a nearby fort, as it was Christmas, `Peace on earth goodwill to all men ` could be heard except for the Indians.                                                                                                                                                                
The following is an extract taken from my book `; The Liliane Tapes answers for the Aquarian Age` The Guide is Silver Cloud and is speaking through Liliane my soul mate who was a trance medium.      
In the old days ,even in my time on the earth plane ,we used to smoke the pipe of peace, and the pipe of peace brought us peace and we would be carried out on to the awareness of tranquillity…we would see many beautiful pictures and scenes that did not seem to be of our world. So there is within man a need to illuminate his life, I don’t mean a great indulgence in what is called drugs on the earth plane or the drinking of wine to any great extent, but man must need a little of this because he is a frightened child. For many moons he is brave before he becomes a chief, and often when he reaches his chiefdom, must arrange time for him to leave his body (soul travel) so he must see aspects of our world and he is privileged through this because it gives him a jolt to his memory, and he knows he is not just a creature of the body…but is a spirit.                                      

Q.           What were you smoking when you used the pipe of peace
A.            These were herbs of the forest and many of these herbs were pungent and strong, and they would bring to us ,not to make us merry and dance, but we would enter into a trance state sometimes, and be so still…then at other times we would travel by the great white spirit and we would rock ourselves backwards and forwards and we would have all the earth within us and the flowers and the trees, they would not be harmful, they would bring an effect of tranquillity and peace, but of course this was only for the braves, the squaws were never permitted to indulge.
Q.           Why not?
A.            Well no, because you see they had to be with the children and the papoose, they had babies to be nursed; and the squaws had all the food you see. But we would need it because we were hunting… and we would hunt and we had many things which were, I suppose feats, hard tasks that we had to do, and so we would have our peace… we would sit down and we would be happy. You didn`t always have to converse, you knew… all the tribe would know and we would know what was happening with other tribes. We knew these things you see, because we were close to nature. We did not have the telephone (this used to be called the talking wire by Native Americans) or your picture boxes and your buttons to press for to dance and sing,   we had none of these.
Q.           But your herbs were of nature… they were not like the artificial drugs which are produced today    in other words they did not have side effects? 
A.            They had no side effects, we would wake up very early at dawn with the chorus of the wild life and we would feel refreshed, there would be no harmful side effects as there is with your artificial drugs. Even your alcohol, we did have certain things which would be like alcohol which were made of berries, and we made these… but also had no bad effects… we would have are festivals and our weddings and all these but there would no unpleasant side effects and always in moderation, because we were a peaceful people, unless we had to make war and even then with much shaking of heads, would don the war paint, and then we would be prepared for war and for death and honour, we were not afraid to die.
Q.          The herbs that you used Silver Cloud, Can they still be found on the earth today?
A.            Oh that is so…they are still there you know, in certain parts of my country, they are there.
Authors note:
In I824 Sequoya a scholar and a Cherokee created the Cherokee alphabet consisting not of 26 letters but 85…so they became the first literate tribe thanks to him and four years later a newspaper using the Cherokee alphabet is published.
Still on a lighter note:
Dave Allan, Liliane`s favourite comedian, said on one occasion…`It was Christmas morning and among his presents was a red Indian outfit, complete with feathered headdress and a long bow with a quiver of arrows. Unfortunately his five pals all received cowboy outfits, he was the only Indian on the block…from then on his life was hell.
Someone asked me (I`m always being asked questions)
 Q .Are there any Native American mediums?                                                                                                                                                                                  
A Yes, Jackie little John (who has now crossed to spirit) she was an excellent medium, very gifted using psychometry among other abilities, and like Liliane had a great sense of humour…she also investigated paranormal activity in the U.S.A…. she too was part Cherokee.
Q. Were not the Apaches a cruel nation … burning people over a spit?
A. This was introduced by the Spanish Christians, a spin off from the Spanish inquisition, the Apaches simply copied them.
Just before I close,
A few years ago I interviewed Grant downs, a Native American who teaches at seminars here in the U.K. Original name sky horse now called Grey Wolf, many change their names when they get older. I put it to him regarding the land bridge between Asia and America. ( this is how his ancestors are supposed to have arrived in north America) He informed me that the Native Americans do not except this view. Their legends state that they came across the sea, also there is archaeological evidence in North America of settlements that pre date the land bridge theory. In addition to all that the blood group of the Native Americans is different to that of their supposed Asian ancestors, there are other reasons too, but the point is the land bridge is totally rejected by Native Americans.                                                                                                                                              
The singing clover guided me that night to the foot of legend mountain, I had left the city lights far behind to walk in this silver peace… I had just crossed shepherds brook, when suddenly I stopped in my tracks. A slight wind began to howl, or so I thought followed by a golden light which grew in brilliance… I stood almost frozen to the hard frost as the light changed to the figure of a north American Indian, the visitor spoke, `Peace…I was here many moons ago, I lived in the valley of the high tree tops ,were the eye of the gods looked down, in the rustle of the pine trees you can hear the voice in the breeze, they whisper to you, do not be afraid brother, hold your head up high, look towards the heavens, it is from the heavens the power will come. The time of the silver moons was always the time of our happy gatherings, when the moon was full of silver shining then we met together and dancing and chanting together we lived and we loved, happily we hoped for ever, but alas it was not to be and we were massacred. I died in the air with the water flowing fast around me. Now I have a gravestone written many moons after in an unknown land called England, I Silver Cloud am famed. We have long since forgiven those who destroyed my people, though you are a paleface you have the heart of a red man…peace`. Then the vision faded, I stood for a time, watching… the wind too had departed only silence and darkness remained. I did not continue up the mountain that night for the mountain had come to me.

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